The Story
of Pony Royale

Watch to learn how Pony Royale became what it is today, home to 12 beautiful princess ponies.

The Land
of Pony Royale

Learn about the amazing places and events that make Pony Royale a magical place to live.

Once upon a time in a far away land...
…something wonderful and magical began.

A Princess was born; a birthstone jewel on her crown…
…and at that very moment a pony was born,
the most beautiful all around.

With a magical jewel on her forehead,
she was a Princess Pony, the first in the land…
…and each new month another princess and
pony were born… and so it all began.

They were given their own forest,
where they could prance and play...
...and when they entered, their magic followed…
and Pony Royale became what it is today.

Now 12 Princess Ponies live in Pony Royale…
…With their beautiful princesses,
who care for them so well!

Getting dressed for royal parties and games…
…With endless possibilities they never look the same!

Best of all Princess Ponies,
can magically change their hair…
…to match the different fashions
YOU choose for them to wear.

Welcome to Pony Royale, where your
princess ponies live in royal fashion.