Sienna never lets a little fear or danger stand in her way.

Birthstone Emerald
Kingdom Earth Pony
Meet Sienna


Starfire is a gutsy gal, never afraid to try something new.

Birthstone Ruby
Kingdom Fire Pony
Meet Starfire


Whatever the question, Sky knows the answer. Just ask her.

Birthstone Sapphire
Kingdom Air Pony
Meet Sky


Lavender is one fidgety filly, but has a big, kind heart.

Birthstone Alexandrite
Kingdom Earth Pony
Meet Lavender


Lily is curious and always eager to discover exciting new things.

Birthstone Amethyst
Kingdom Air Pony
Meet Lily


Rosie just wants to have fun, and isn’t about to wait for it.

Birthstone Garnet
Kingdom Fire Pony
Meet Rosie


Dewdrop is a glamour girl who can be a little forgetful.

Birthstone Blue Zircon
Kingdom Water Pony
Meet Dewdrop


Brooke is the shy, creative type who says it all with her talents.

Birthstone Peridot
Kingdom Water Pony
Meet Brooke


Harmony’s friendly, calm ways make her the peacemaker.

Birthstone Pink Zircon
Kingdom Earth Pony
Meet Harmony


Misty is as cheerful as they come, always upbeat and smiling.

Birthstone Aquamarine
Kingdom Water Pony
Meet Misty


Diamond has a wild imagination and is always dreaming up something.

Birthstone Diamond
Kingdom Air Pony
Meet Diamond


Sunburst loves to act silly and can’t keep a lid on her fun.

Birthstone Topaz
Kingdom Fire Pony
Meet Sunburst
rosie lilly misty diamond lavender sienna sienna starfire brooke sky harmony sunburst dewdrop

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