Hours of open-ended, creative play.

Pony Royale is an open-ended play system that promotes creativity and delivers on girls’ favorite play patterns – fashion play, hair play and nurturing. The story invites girls to imagine they are the princess with all these beautiful ponies to love and care for—it is a fresh new empowering way to play out princess fantasies.

From the dolls, which stand on their own, to the easy to use Change-It-Up Hair!™ and Mix-It-Up Fashions!™ Pony Royale is a creative system that delivers superior play value and hours of engaging fun.

Development Through Play

The Pony Royale product line delivers valuable manipulative play value that allows girls to hone fine motor skills. In addition, the rich play addresses the play needs of two different age segments.

For girls ages 3-6, Pony Royale offers a rich fantasy and imaginative role play, as children in this age group will love playing out the role of princess.

For girls ages 7-10, Pony Royale offers plenty of creative self-expression through fashion and hair play, as girls this age are motivated by self discovery and expression.

Creativity with Endless Combinations

Pony Royale’s Change-it-up Hair!™ and Mix-it-up Fashions!™ represent an integrated system that allows girls to easily share accessories and create new looks for their ponies. Each pony comes with an extra mane and tail so girls can start the mix-and-match fun right out of the package.

With each additional pony, the fun multiplies – with two ponies, girls can create 60 different combinations, while, with all twelve ponies, they can literally create millions of different looks.

Safe, Secure World

We are committed to protecting the safety and privacy of children online and continually work to ensure Pony Royale World is safe place for family fun.

If you have any questions or comments, we’re always happy to hear from parents regarding our product line or website. Send us an email at parents@ponyroyaleworld.com, or click for detailed contact info.